Production Work

From the scripts, cinematography, editing and graphics, end-to-end production is what I look forward to. Plus if there’s an opportunity for being on camera, I can handle that too. I love taking on the creation process from start to finish. Having a clear vision of the experience I want to grasp allows me to take on multiple aspects of production.

The picture above will take you to the 2013 video campaign for Ocean Minded – a southern California shoe/sandal company that proudly leads towards a cleaner ocean and world. More videos will be updated each week! Below are the links to projects I’ve produced as informative and instructional segments, yet always striving for entertaining results.

QR Educate Series The QR code has been out in general public’s eye for well over two years (was even created back in 1997), and there are still questions unanswered about these digital mavericks. I produced this entire series wanting to give everyone a ground level explanation on the QR codes’ biology, benefits and tips to use them.

rVue Spotlight Videos rVue specilizes in digital out of home adspace marketplace – basically placing digital ads in locations relevant to their content – bars, airports, salons, malls, museums, stadiums, etc. These ‘Spotlight’ videos have myself visit various digital signage locations to analyze the network, targeted demographics, plus give tips to anyone looking to build their own network. I also try to squeeze in any opportunity for fun.

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