Ocean Minded


Ocean Minded believes we are all entitled to our own fulfillment for what our oceans have to offer us, however it’s in our own inherent responsibility and interest to take care of it. Ocean Minded urges us all to Live, Protect, and Respect.

For over a year, I have been working closely with the OM team to develop rich video content that best represents the brand’s philosophy and style. Single-handedly, I shot/edited all the videos on top of applying motion graphics, sound design and color correction throughout. I have a great appreciation for building projects from start to finish and being hands on with the whole storytelling process.

2014 starts off strong showing both Fall and Spring collections – Premium, Ocean Sol, Back to Roots plus a Croslite Material video that’s used in Ocean Minded core products. Watch below!

Below you’ll find thirteen episodes, yes 13, of “Inside the Mind” Brand Ambassador video series. Interviews include Rusty Long, Candice Appleby, Chuck Patterson, Daniel Jones, Lulu Erkeneff, Thomas Maximus, Gillian Gibree and Anthony Vela.


Ocean Minded has come out with their most ambitious footwear yet – The RuffOut Collection. Taking cues from the classic crepe-soled, rough suede boots worn by the British troops in the desert during World War II, Ocean Minded’s RuffOut Collection represents classic styling, natural materials, vintage inspiration and timeless colors. Introducing, the NEW RuffOut Collection for both men and women, presented by Dave Heath and Emily Kidwell.




Nobody likes a dirty beach.


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