Spotlight Videos

While working for a digital advertising web-based platform that allows the planning, buying and delivery of digital out-of-home media – ok, I’ll stop there. ‘Buzzwords’ can only do so much. Let me start again and in simpler terms. I worked for a company that specialized as a sort of ‘digital realtor’ for Ad agencies – basically placing video ads in locations relevant to their content – bars, airports, salons, malls, museums, etc.

These ‘Spotlight’ videos have me visit these digital signage locations to analyze the network, targeted demographics, plus give tips to anyone looking to build their own network. I also try to squeeze in any opportunity for fun. I produced the scripts(with a bit of help), directed the shots, and handled all of the post production. So lets start with my favorite of the three. Enjoy!

rVue Spotlight: Reach Sports Group

rVue Spotlight: Barnes & Noble

rVue Spotlight: JP Mulligans

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