Hard Rock on Wheels

Well over a year ago, when I was taken off company blog duties, I wrote a blog about my visit to an exclusive showing of the Hard Rock on Wheels: Music’s Greatest Memorabilia Collection before it was open to the public at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL. You’re now reading it hahaha

While inside, you can imagine the amount of priceless iconic memorabilia to have a lot more presence even years after it’s been worn. (They really need to remove Justin Bieber’s skateboard. Do it now)

Not only do you get to feast your eyes on the threads, shattered axes, glistening gowns and glasses of past rock gods, but there are two 40” digital touchscreens that you can interact with. As all kinds of memorabilia randomly cascade across the screen, you can touch an item bringing it center screen (related items appear around it), giving you background information as well as the ability to stretch the image out to the finest detail. Seeing tiny scratches in a KISS Army Helmet, to the piece of paper with the original written verses to “Imagine” by John Lennon, to TONS of guitars, old posters, letters and merchandise – The library is vast and VERY impressive!

You’re captivated in seconds and stunned to how much a ticket to Bob Dylan was back in the day.

Another feature that was quite sharp was the ability to ‘sign in’ (texting a code on screen would send you a login #) and  rate memorabilia for yourself. Once you rate the item, based on a 5-Star rating, the image is then sent to you to  further quench your thirst for rock glory. This musuem on wheels is just what you’d want, coming from Hard Rock, but you’re going to start and finish your tour with playing with this screen. Though I could have used more dry ice.

I could absolutely see this digital signage installation be located in many locations and not just the Hard Rock Cafe.  This digital compendium of rock’n’roll majesty is one impressive piece of hardware and just as important to the Hard Rock on Wheels as the immortalized gems of music history that it holds.
Have you encountered the Hard Rock on Wheels?

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