A Shore’s Vigilance

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Watching the fellow New Jersey native Brian Williams (click the photo) pinpoint the identity and way of life at the Jersey Shore brought me to tears, sank my heart and yet it’s left fiercely burning for hope, renewal, and strength for the town’s future and its people. I may not live there anymore, but Point Pleasant will always be home; always be the foundation of my childhood and set the stage for who I am as a person. That goes for everyone, because its their home too. As for the friends, family and people that are suffering, that are cold, shaken from the events and worried for their families, unsure if that life they had a week ago will ever be attained again. It will. Undoubtedly.

I know that you are tough as nails and vigilant with local pride than ever before. We don’t back down from a fight, we help each other out and we’re always ready to give a Benny the wrong directions to the beach. This devastating blow to the economic way of life at the Jersey Shore will make for a slow climb towards a revival that I hope will inspire unity and cooperation amongst locals/neighbors and not greed and impatience. I know it may seem easy for me to say all this from another coast, but I know that the enduring hearts of the people will thrive again because they believe in that idea of what it means to live along the Jersey Shore and will work hard to get it. With that belief comes a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude to keep them moving forward. But you can’t do it alone. A lot of help is coming from all directions, with even generosity pouring out as you read this. Keep your head on straight during this tough time, Jersey. Big things are happening and help is on the way.

“Politics Survived.”

Plus, click this picture for a second clip from Rock Center (Start at 2:13). The focus is towards the end, about the interaction between Governor Christie and President Obama. Brian makes a great point at the end how “Politics survived.” To witness that kind of cooperation and sincere gratitude, (especially from Christie, having that in-your-face Republican bark and occasional bite) it’s just so refreshing to see as a voter.

Why can’t bipartisanship become a popular trend in politics? It should improve a party members image, not hurt it. Establish a point system. Let’s call that factor… Credibility. What’s more inspiring than to see opposing sides work together? We’ve been trained to see both parties as rival fighters in the ring, though it really should be a contest of how successful you can work together. There’s no progress when nothing can be agreed upon, that’s another one of the main reasons politics turns me off. I’m sure there’s more to it – there always is – but politics for me have always been a labyrinth of smoke, mirrors and deceptive facades, so you might feel familiarity in my otherwise skeptical enthusiasm for politics. Democrat or Republican, it’s sad that he’s getting flak from his own party for giving praise where it’s deserved. Sincerely appreciating and giving credit despite what side you’re on is the kind of integrity we need more of in politics. Bipartisanship needs to be popularized and protected from the horse-blinder kind of stubborn conservative-addict-womanizer-douches like Limbaugh close-minded people that hold us back.

2 thoughts on “A Shore’s Vigilance

  1. Heartbreaking photos bud. Can’t agree more on the political aspects of your post. This week, I’ve taken on newly founded respect for Mr. Christie. I totally can’t help but change my opinion of him after seeing him in the clip you posted on FB last week. “If you think I give a damn about presidential politics right now, you don’t know me” says Christie and he’s right, we all had our assumptions to date. And mine changed because of how he handled this. I wish your family in the NE the best man.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Corky. I never really liked his overflowing intensity, however once he dropped the theatrics of politics and stepped up, on top of his exchange with the President – he got more points in my book.

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