Comcast donates 6,000 spots to Restore the Shore

NEWS: Comcast just doubled the amount of commercial spots they are donating to us to over 6,000 spots. This will start running on Tuesday. Thank you Comcast Spotlight!!!

This promo, promoting the relief efforts brought by Restore the Shore and ERGO Clothing, has been a great opportunity to potentially inspire thousands to help donate to the cause.

For the past week I’ve felt a bit helpless being on the west coast… I can’t quite hand deliver supplies or serve food, but if can send a message, hit a cord, on a nation level of attention and response… that could deliver such a faster delivery of supplies and food. Jersey got hit with a Nor’easter. Do I really need to say anything else than that? The state needs our help.

With all this happening to hometown friends and family, I can’t help but feel thankful for what I have in my life and what I don’t. Things can be replaced. Yes, not all, but when it comes down to it, be thankful for the people that are with you when the power has been out too long or you feel cold and more alone in your home than ever. If you’re hurting, hang in, and you are not alone and certainly not forgotten. More and more help is coming.

Be thankful, be strong, and move forward.

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