Meteorite Explodes Over Russia

INCREDIBLE dashcam shots of the meteorite that tore across the skies of Russia, landing just outside Moscow by about 200+ miles and accounts seen by neighboring countries. Hearing just a few days ago that there’s a asteroid 2012 DA14 passing by Earth later today, it’s easy to link the two – however the European Space Agency says their experts “confirm there is nolink between the meteor incidents in Russia and asteroid 2012DA14 flyby tonight”.


Click here for Gizmodo’s incredible coverage of the Meteorite

This 2012 DA14 is supposedly going to past the Earth just over 17,000 miles away, which is the closest encounter with an asteroid ever predicted. I guess we’ll get more answers tomorrow.. hopefully good ones. I’m just curious which side of the planet faces this flyby. Let’s just hope the construction next door to my place is the only thing waking me up tomorrow. Well.. maybe the second thing.


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