You’ll ship your pants in this Kmart ad

Some television audiences that may have conservative, even tasteful mindsets towards advertising may ship their pants over the latest Kmart ad. It’s a risky move considering Kmart’s traditionally conservative handle on their ads but I think it’s just as fresh to break their standard song and dance in advertising by evolving with a sense of humor. On par with sophomoric humor you’d find in a Mel Brooks film or SNL skit (They’re copying a bit but I’m laughing so I don’t care), it’s just crude but not offensive, and if it’s offensive, you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously nor commercials where to go to buy ‘stuff’.

Yes, ‘good taste’ in advertising has had better days but clothing store ads aren’t going to become awe-inspiring anytime soon. In the mean time, laugh at this commercial and see if you can come up with something more clever. Also, please continue to avoid shopping at KMart. Support your local shops! Hahaha!

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