TED: Top 2 Talks

Recently I was asked what my favorite TED talks were, and for as many times as I’ve watched these two, I’ve never really shared either. I know I have many more to check out but I enjoy these two as they are as captivating as they are different. Enjoy.

JJ Abrams’ “Mystery Box” is a great diagnosis of human wonderment towards stories and the potential held within them. His discussion about audience engagement into a film stems from our own curiosities as children – “mystery is the catalyst for imagination.” He addresses his own challenges as a storyteller and how great accessibility is in this generation and how we can all tell our own stories. Entertaining and poignant, Abrams delivers a great viewpoint on the infinite potential of creative endeavors. I miss LOST.

Reggie Watts’ performance was nothing short of brilliant. I like to describe him as the Andy Kaufman of beat boxing/mixing. His exchange is very formal and charmingly dry to the audience, twisting a very ambiguous philosophy that ends right where it started leaves you confused and entertained at the same time. Like a voodoo doctor of funk, he tends to his mixing board to take elements of attitude and soul and constructs a transforming, rhythmic monster that you can’t help but enjoy. Sweet sweater brah.

Do you have a great TED talk I NEED to see?

Post it below and keeping spreading worthy ideas!

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