3 Music Apps 2 Keep XMas Cheer #1

We are now a week into the month and a half holiday known as Christmas. So in moments when you’re entrusted by your peers and loved ones to bestow a Christmas ‘soundtrack’, simply reply… I got this. The key to keeping Christmas cheer up is having a soundtrack that’s locked down, and sometimes that may need to happen in a pinch. You may not have all your shopping done and the intelligence of highway driving during the holidays seems to plummet deeper each year; you can at least have a game plan, in any holiday scenario, for creating that award-winning, heart-warming, gift-giving, egg-nogging, high-fiving christmas atmosphere we hope for year after year.

I’ve found three sweet music apps that have expected similarities (Vast libraries, mobile and social capabilities) but it’s the differences that will help you be the hero at any social scene with a USB input. So go with confidence and plant that iphone or droid into your friend or co-workers’ mini JBL speakers, and let the holiday spirit do its thing and/or thang.


3: Pandora: We are all familiar with this personalized music app, allowing you to develop a music station based off a submitted artist, song or genre. Quick and to the point, Pandora delivers. However, unless you pay for the full service, you’re getting ads – and you don’t want to be told this at your Christmas Party.

Strengths: Quick, easy. Discover new music via stations built upon similar artists/songs/genres.

Weaknesses: Ads (if not a member), Limited song advances.


2: Spotify: I’ve had this playlist building app for awhile now and it’s clutch when I want to play my favorites or hear a specific song. ‘We Are Hunted’ lets you discover new music, both mainstream and upcoming. So if you’re planning to have a party and you want to compile your favorite christmas tunes, from chipmunks to drummer boys to Mariahs, this is for you. There’s A LOT of christmas music to find on there. However, like Pandora, if you’re not paying as a member, you’re getting ads. Their ads aren’t that great but what radio ad is? It even pauses the ad if you mute it. Clever girl.

Strengths: Playlist builder. Great for exploring new music. In-depth library.

Weaknesses: Ads (if not a member). Some artists chose not to be included.


1: Songza: I just recently came across this app and I love it. It doesn’t ask about what music you want to hear, but yet what your mood or current activity is at that very moment. This ‘Music Concierge’, as their calling it, caters toward the psychographics and moods of their listeners rather than artists and genres. Starting off with the day and time, it gives you about six choices of activity that you may be up to at that moment – working at your desk, unwinding, making dinner, reading the paper, housework, pre-gaming, romantic evening, saving the world, and so on! It will then narrow your choices down to a handful of music collections that best fits that particular activity and BOOM. You’re as golden as the leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

Strengths: Song choice based on mood/activity. Massive library. FREE with No Ads.

Weaknesses: I’ll get back to you on that.

So if you’re as cheap as I am not to get the full service, these three will cover your holiday season as they do mine. Don’t like a feature of the above apps? Post it! Do you have a music app or website that I NEED to check out or do they trump any of the choices I’ve given? Prove it, because I wish it were Christmas today.

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