Play+Watch: Find Your Bliss

What began as research for storytelling and the desire for grasping Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ concept a bit more, I found this film, Finding Joe, centralized on that concept and how that applies to every one of us. Digging a bit deeper into the interwebs, I found they’ve posted the entire film online. There’s not much to say other than this film and real people in it point out how we’re all on this quest to find and succeed at that one thing that we feel is our purpose in life. There’s too much covered that I won’t bother to highlight because it’s all really positive. Even if this isn’t entirely legal to have it on YouTube, this needs to be free and known to the masses. So many good points and reminders on why we need to keep charging towards our pursuits and passions, as bleak or uncertain as the places they may take us, we very well can come out on top and into the light of finding our bliss. So make dinner, plug this into your TV, and watch this. Thank me later.

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