Play+Listen: GOLDROOM

goldroom1I just recently went to School Night at Bardot nightclub in Hollywood, CA for birthday drinks with some friends and came across GOLDROOM.

From the start it had me and every other character in there hooked. Holding such a steady, confident beat that challenges anyone not to move their body to the rhythm, GOLDROOM is exactly the kind of music I look for as it pairs with anything; working, cooking, hosting friends or just relaxing.

Drummer, piano/guitar player, female singer – they all did a great job performing. That might have been why I was sold so quickly. Transitions were well done, moments where it peaks but doesn’t lose momentum. Just a constant evolution of a fresh attitude. I dig. I haven’t visited Bardot with proper justice yet either so it was a stellar way to get introduced to new music that I’m late to the party on. The open-curtained ceiling lets the heat out and the Capital Records building peak in. Take a listen…

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